Price:105 lei
Mechanic:Variable Player PowersDice Rolling
# of Players:2
Playing time:-
Disponibilitate:In stoc
Contacteaza-ne pentru detalii:
Phone: 0753 323 452 / 0264 434 137
Adress: str. Milton Lehrer 20, Cluj-Napoca.


The countless billions of human soldiers who form the ranks of the Astra Militarum defend the Imperium of Man from swarms of enemies bent on its destruction. Despite all that is set against them the Imperial Guard, as they are otherwise known, use deadly war machines and rely on the courage of their guardsmen to shield humanity.

This highly detailed multi-part plastic kit contains:

  • 10x Cadian Shock Troops
    • 5 Leg variants
    • 7 Head variants
  • Weapon Options including
    • 10 lasguns
    • 2 Chainswords
    • 2 Laspistols
    • 2 Grenade Launchers
    • 2 Flamers
    • 2 Vox-casters
  • Additional components allowing you to assemble a Sergeant and personalise your squad

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