Price:89 lei
Category:MemoryDexterityChildren's Game
# of Players:2 - 5
Playing time:10 minute
Disponibilitate:La comanda
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Phone: 0753 323 452 / 0264 434 137
Adress: str. Milton Lehrer 20, Cluj-Napoca.


While practicing his powers, Linus, the little magician, has enchanted some of his toys! Can you help him pick up these toys from the floor of his room and put them away?

To set up Linus, der kleine Magier, you shuffle 18 magnetized toy tiles (three each of six different toys) with 12 non-magnetized toy tiles (two tiles of each type), then spread them out on the table. Shuffle the 18 search cards (showing three each of six different toys) as well, then give the youngest player the Linus wooden figure, which has a magnet on its underside.

On a turn, the player looks at the top search card, then places Linus on one of the toy tiles that matches this image. Did you find an enchanted toy that sticks to Linus? Super! Keep the toy tile and the search card, then give Linus to the next player. If, however, you found a regular toy tile, leave it on the table in the same location, then give Linus to the next player, who must now search for the same item (but with the hope of finding an enchanted one this time).

Once all the enchanted toys have been cleared from the table, whoever has found the most toys wins!

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